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I’m Stuart Hale, a certified Lifestyle, Food and Wellness Coach and the owner of Vitalis Pro Health Coaching.

I have worked within the health industry for more than a decade, having worked clinically as an Exercise Physiologist, Rehabilitation Consultant and Specialist in Health and Safety.

I have now made it my job to help small business owners take action – to implement real positive change – in their lives. This is a task I consider to be hugely important in our modern world where small business owners are experiencing ever increasing stress, diminishing availability of time and low levels of life satisfaction.

I am anything but one of those beautiful people you see on the covers of standard health and fitness magazines. I’ve never been a professional athlete or played professional sports. Nor do I eat huge amounts of highly popularised ‘super foods’ or move from one diet fad to another.

I am, simply, a regular guy with many of the same day-to-day pressures and challenges as you. I do, however, also have an amazing and supportive family, a passion for health and wellness and a line of work that inspires me and provides me more meaning than any job I’ve ever had.


As a kid, I grew up passionate about sport and it’s no surprise my tertiary education was in Exercise Physiology and Sport Science. The early years of my career were spent working in Rehabilitation Centres where I worked closely with patients suffering from a range of diseases and medical conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, emphysema and many others.

The thing that struck me most while working with these patients was just how many didn’t actively take care of themselves, even after they had suffered significant, life-threatening medical events like heart attacks and strokes!

I later moved into the corporate world as a Rehabilitation Consultant and then as a Health and Safety specialist where I quickly learnt just how much stress and emotional strain is present in our modern day workplaces.

People give so much of themselves to their companies and businesses, working longer and longer hours while spending less and less time with their families. They have very little time for exercise, very little time to prepare and eat healthy food and are not getting nearly enough sleep at night (many of these people actually brag about only getting 4 – 6 hours’ sleep per night like it is some honour!). Not to mention the ever increasing workloads, performance expectations and the increasing rates of poor work/life balance which are causing high levels of life dissatisfaction.

In short, I believe there's more to life than many people are typically experiencing with too many people leading lifestyles that are simply not conducive to high performance or optimal health.


Healthy living is a passion of mine – one I wish more people shared – as is small business. But, my observations of the well-being, performance and overall life satisfaction of many small business owners is concerning. The high stress, poor eating habits and low activity levels experienced by many small business owners does not allow for maximum positive impact in their respective businesses or the wider community as, in my eyes, it impairs their ability to realise their true potential.

However, the thing that concerns me most is that many of these problems are avoidable, or can at the very least be mitigated to some extent, by making some positive lifestyles changes.

Through Vitalis Pro I help small business owners achieve greater levels of performance in health, business and life by focusing on improved physical and mental wellbeing. This is achieved through improving the balance between one's business, personal life and health and fitness. Our programs are anchored in the 4 primary health domains of moving, eating, sleeping and stressing well. No "woo woo". No counselling. Just simple coaching and wellness programs to bridge the gap between information – knowing what to do – and transformation – doing what you know.

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